Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Creating my new support team

Today I took my first step towards creating my support team.
First off there is me:
If I'm not fully 100% in on this then it's never going to work, so my job is to keep my eyes on what I've set out to achieve, don't let things like bad days and physical issues discourage me, always turn up and be present in the moment with whatever it is I'm doing at the time and listen to advice and suggestions that the others on my team make.
Then there is my walking partner Reike:
 I know, it's hard to believe he knows how to be active,
but he is really good at dragging me along behind him.
And if you saw the previous video you can see he knows what pace I can manage and does his cruising around on the long lead accordingly.
Reike also is good for me on those bad days, he knows how to snuggle up next to me and just accepts me for who I am (like all dogs do)
And now my third support is Gear Up Fitness, my gym in Penola.
Thanks to Daniel, who has done a bit of research and bounced some ideas around, we are on our way to creating a routine that I can follow each time I'm at the gym. He reckons I can combine some of what I was doing previously with using standard weight routines, using elastic bands and just working nice and precisely and slowly so as to keep in control of my body and where it is located (which isn't always easy as lack of body awareness is another issue)
Tomorrow I have an appointment that will hopefully add a new member to my team. I have a meeting with a physiotherapist (who knows what CMT is....YAY!!) to work on putting together a routine that will help my body to be able to achieve things. I need to work on keeping some flexibility in my body as the muscles and tendons "cramp up" taking this away and the less of that movement I have the more painful everything becomes.
So here's cheers to creating a new team to help me achieve!

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