Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Looking after Myself

What I am doing to look after myself

 I have decided I need to be kind to myself and look after my body so that I can achieve the normal everyday things that people expect the average body to do.
Part of this involves me doing something for myself that feels good for me but does not necessarily have a long lasting benefit to my condition, it's about enjoying and relaxing in that particular moment in time.

For this I have decided it will be a hot stone massage.

I am going to Glow Body and Brow Studio that is run by an "old" school mate of mine (we wont discuss how old we are Alison) who has a salon in Mt Gambier as well as in Penola. Which is a bonus because it is something that I can do without having to do a 100km round trip (driving for me can be quite tiring)
I've had several hot stone massages from Alison, it is so relaxing and the heat that the stones put into the body makes nearly everything stop hurting for several hours, and to be honest, it's the only thing I've found that comes close to stopping the majority of my pain for any amount of time that isn't high level pain medication with cruddy side effects.

My next thing to do for myself is getting Bowen Therapy treatments, I have been having them for years, it has helped with all forms of injuries from playing sport as well as many of the issues that are specific to CMT.
Because there is always things not in alignment, joints slightly out of whack, muscles knotted, tendons overstretched, there is nothing relaxing about a Bowen treatment, in fact for me the whole treatment is quite painful and uncomfortable (apart from Happy Feet, always ask about getting Happy Feet done) but it puts everything back in alignment, fixes the issue with my TMJ (always a must to ask to have treated) and I sleep the best I ever sleep that night, only problem is I feel like I've been run over by a truck the next day as the body adjusts to being put back into position.
Now this pain only happens when there are things wrong with your body, and it increases depending on how much is wrong. My youngest daughter has been going to sleep on the treatment table since she was tiny, it relaxes her totally (even now as an adult) and it's just the specific problem areas that can be painful for her to have treated otherwise she finds it very relaxing.
What I find with Bowen is I get about 4 weeks of having my body cope with itself, so I think that this is something I will organise to do every 4 - 6 weeks.

Oh, and I use Ron Hutchesson (yes, related to my husband) here in Penola.

I met with the physiotherapist last week (Ben Williams at Northcare Physio) and I am quite happy with the discussion I had with him, the gym routine we discussed and his understanding of CMT and how it effects what I do when it comes to the gym side of things as well as everyday living.
I am going to meet with him once a month where we will look at how my body is responding to using the gym, get treatment on any area that might be being particularly painful or annoying and work on daily routines that I can do to keep and maybe even increase my flexibility.

So now I seem to have my team around me, a plan for regular things to happen, and some light at the end of the tunnel.

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