Monday, 16 May 2016

Walking in the Vineyards

My day began with being awake at 0345 with all the tendons in my feet playing up (is a similar feeling to having cramp) and my feet being curled up tightly so I had to hobble out to the lounge room and get my massage ball and work really hard on getting them back to a normal.

Now I know reading the word massage ball sounds like it should be a pleasant experience, but there is nothing nice about using one when you have CMT, it's a bit like trying to walk out pins and needles in your feet, it hurts a lot and doesn't stop quickly like pins and needles do.
Luckily the massage ball did the trick and I was back asleep by 0500 and slept through hubby's alarm going off and him going to work.

Once I woke up and had breakfast I knew if I didn't get out the door and go for a walk the energy I had would quickly vanish and it would never happen today and today had to be the day that it all began, because I said so!

So I loaded Reike (resident freaky fur ball ) into the car and headed to the edge of town. Reike doesn't do so well with other dogs or cats and there is always dogs wandering around and lots of cats sunbaking close by so for my sanity it's easier to drive past them all and keep it nice and quiet and peaceful.

Today I found a spot that I could walk up and down, I have to make it like that because I never know when my energy is going to disappear, my feet are going to start refusing to work or the pain is going to hit hard because that's what happens with CMT.
It wasn't a huge distance, but it was movement and it felt good to do and I could tell the fur ball was enjoying himself as well.
This will be my go to spot to begin with, I can increase the number of times I walk up and down in this small area until I am comfortable to move on to covering longer distances. I figure being kind to myself is the way I have to start, because this small amount of walking meant I was nearly crying from the pain in my feet once I got home, but a boiling hot shower and stretching has helped get that back to bearable levels.

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