Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This morning when I arrived at the gym there were no PT's being done so I could get my measurements taken so I have something apart from weight to judge on how I'm going with my fitness and body improvements.

So my measurements today are:

Chest - 107 cm
Left Bicep - 34 cm
Right Bicep - 35 cm
Waist - 116 cm
Hips - 119 cm
Left Quadricep - 64 cm
Right Quadricep - 64.5 cm
Left Calf - 42 cm
Right Calf - 42 cm

And the weight of my frumpy flubber is 105.75 kgs.

These measurements put me in the morbidly obese category!

Now for the good news...

Today was the first day where I actually enjoyed myself in the gym from start to finish, on the bike (3kms at an average of 100 on level 6) lifting the weights, and the bit that's the hardest and hurts the most for me, the stretching.
So that is something to celebrate, it means I've got my mind into the right place for being able to stick at the work out and making it happen.

Unfortunately I don't enjoy the after part one little bit,
as even doing nothing has the potential to really knock my body around so working out makes even the short drive home a struggle and is why I drive there because I'm worried I will struggle to get home if I walk and would probably need my walking stick (this is an issue with CMT, and to be honest would happen even if I just sat on the bike and didn't do much, or like yesterday I was simply walking around in town, it's how my body reacts)

I think I need to do something about the after effect of total exhaustion I get and to stop the morning from vanishing without achieving anything, this wont stop the exhaustion but it will stop me from fully surrendering to it.
So from tomorrow I've decided that as soon a I've finished eating my breakfast and before my hot drink I need to get straight in the shower and get dressed, even if I am struggling to move, I just need to push myself to make it happen so that I don't waste to much of the day.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bowen Treatment Today

Today I got to hover between relaxation and intense pain as I lay on the treatment table getting a Bowen treatment from Ron Hutchesson.
It was actually really good to be told and to feel that it was only taking one pressure/movement in each spot and there was an instant relaxation of the muscle that was being treated. Even my hamstrings that were so tight they were like solid rock relaxed instantly, and the relief felt across my back as everything returned to it's correct position was wonderful.

You wouldn't understand, but this isn't the normal reaction I get when i have a treatment, well the pain is always intense because the more that is wrong with you the stronger the pain is, but this can vary from person to person and the therapist adjusts so that if you can't handle a lot of pain he will make it hurt less...I've been going to Ron for many years and he knows I can handle the intense pain because of the relief it brings is totally worth it because it makes it easier for me to get around. For me what has been normal is that it often takes a few goes around one muscle area to get the relaxation, and often a follow up a week later to finish off the the treatment. Ron said that for once it just seemed to be just normal muscular stiffness and tightness because of starting back at the gym and using muscles I haven't been using in a long time. This means I'm doing something right with what I'm doing between the gym, physio, stretching and massage and that is so good to know.

This is something that excites me and makes me hopeful that I can get back to some form of normal movement and being able to push myself eventually at the gym. Yes it's early days, and no I'm not going to start pushing myself, besides I'll have Daniel cranky with me if I try and pull a stunt like that, his suggestion is staying at each stage for two weeks before increasing any weight or repetition so that we don't undo what we've gained.

Now don't get me wrong, not everything was okay, my right shoulder of course was still blah and argh, as there is still major issues with the rotator cuff, but several things did manage to give me more movement in that area but because of the swelling that is still quite bad in the bursa, it will still require more cortisone shots to help with this to hopefully get that movement back to something resembling normality.

I had originally planned on going to the gym this afternoon and sitting on the stationary bike and working on getting some kms done (I never work out or in the past played sport the same day as a Bowen treatment as the body needs the rest of the day to continue to relax so that the muscles remain in their correct position but I had thought just riding a stationary bike would be okay) but, as often is the case, the CMT part of me kicked in and made me quite exhausted (to be honest I could have crawled back into bed and slept for several hours) so I decided to give that a miss and I'll do my normal workout in the morning.

As I sit here at 2100 tonight I feel the exhaustion I get after a Bowen session really starting to kick in as my body goes into total worn out from doing nothing stage (this is a typical CMT reaction) the good thing with this is I will usually get a really good sleep when it's happening because of treatment rather than just because of my body and CMT having an argument.

Onwards and upwards tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

First gym session - Tuesday 14 June 2016

Today was my first proper gym session and it was so good to be back in the gym, sitting on a bike to do a warm up and cool down after using weights. I was happy about sitting on a bike again because as my shoulder got worse I couldn't even use the bike because I couldn't lean even the slightest on the handles which meant I would fall off as I have very little balance when it comes to doing things like that.

We are so lucky to have a gym here in Penola (Gear Up Fitness) and even better, they have moved to new premises (133 Church Street Penola) and there is more room to work out in and it no longer will get crowded when it's busy
(and more equipment still to come)

Video deliberately blurred slightly so as to not identify people in it

So, as you can tell I survived my first session, just taking it steady and controlled to make sure I don't upset my shoulder and do any damage now that it is finally starting to get closer to normal. And let's be honest, I don't want to hit to heavy a weight at the start as it will make my muscles really hurt and lets just say when you've found it nearly impossible to get on and off the toilet because you've overdone the weights you never want to go back to feeling like that again.

I have found the first new machine and I really like it because it is going to enable me to do squats once again and that makes me happy because it is my favourite exercise.

I prefer the standing option for this as I don't find it easy getting up and down from the floor (that's what happens when you get really fat, but also because of the lack of movement in my hips from the CMT) and as my shoulder is still not letting me get my right hand up to hold the bar safely to do squats in the standard way this will the replacement. 

I followed up this workout with doing some gardening today so I'm not really sure if the bits that are aching are from the gym or from digging and using the loppers with the start of a tree and creeper removal that is happening.

So basically I'm really happy to be back in the gym.