Tuesday, 14 June 2016

First gym session - Tuesday 14 June 2016

Today was my first proper gym session and it was so good to be back in the gym, sitting on a bike to do a warm up and cool down after using weights. I was happy about sitting on a bike again because as my shoulder got worse I couldn't even use the bike because I couldn't lean even the slightest on the handles which meant I would fall off as I have very little balance when it comes to doing things like that.

We are so lucky to have a gym here in Penola (Gear Up Fitness) and even better, they have moved to new premises (133 Church Street Penola) and there is more room to work out in and it no longer will get crowded when it's busy
(and more equipment still to come)

Video deliberately blurred slightly so as to not identify people in it

So, as you can tell I survived my first session, just taking it steady and controlled to make sure I don't upset my shoulder and do any damage now that it is finally starting to get closer to normal. And let's be honest, I don't want to hit to heavy a weight at the start as it will make my muscles really hurt and lets just say when you've found it nearly impossible to get on and off the toilet because you've overdone the weights you never want to go back to feeling like that again.

I have found the first new machine and I really like it because it is going to enable me to do squats once again and that makes me happy because it is my favourite exercise.

I prefer the standing option for this as I don't find it easy getting up and down from the floor (that's what happens when you get really fat, but also because of the lack of movement in my hips from the CMT) and as my shoulder is still not letting me get my right hand up to hold the bar safely to do squats in the standard way this will the replacement. 

I followed up this workout with doing some gardening today so I'm not really sure if the bits that are aching are from the gym or from digging and using the loppers with the start of a tree and creeper removal that is happening.

So basically I'm really happy to be back in the gym.