Wednesday, 29 June 2016


This morning when I arrived at the gym there were no PT's being done so I could get my measurements taken so I have something apart from weight to judge on how I'm going with my fitness and body improvements.

So my measurements today are:

Chest - 107 cm
Left Bicep - 34 cm
Right Bicep - 35 cm
Waist - 116 cm
Hips - 119 cm
Left Quadricep - 64 cm
Right Quadricep - 64.5 cm
Left Calf - 42 cm
Right Calf - 42 cm

And the weight of my frumpy flubber is 105.75 kgs.

These measurements put me in the morbidly obese category!

Now for the good news...

Today was the first day where I actually enjoyed myself in the gym from start to finish, on the bike (3kms at an average of 100 on level 6) lifting the weights, and the bit that's the hardest and hurts the most for me, the stretching.
So that is something to celebrate, it means I've got my mind into the right place for being able to stick at the work out and making it happen.

Unfortunately I don't enjoy the after part one little bit,
as even doing nothing has the potential to really knock my body around so working out makes even the short drive home a struggle and is why I drive there because I'm worried I will struggle to get home if I walk and would probably need my walking stick (this is an issue with CMT, and to be honest would happen even if I just sat on the bike and didn't do much, or like yesterday I was simply walking around in town, it's how my body reacts)

I think I need to do something about the after effect of total exhaustion I get and to stop the morning from vanishing without achieving anything, this wont stop the exhaustion but it will stop me from fully surrendering to it.
So from tomorrow I've decided that as soon a I've finished eating my breakfast and before my hot drink I need to get straight in the shower and get dressed, even if I am struggling to move, I just need to push myself to make it happen so that I don't waste to much of the day.

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